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stair wheelchair lift


The stair lift can help elderly or handicapped people to up/down stairs by their own.
It runs on the track which can be mounted close to the hand rail side or close to the wall side. It will not ruin the construction of the house, especially suit for the houses already decorated.

1.10 years professional designing and producing experience
2.Quickly delivery service
3. OEM support
4.More than 200 workers
5.Quality service
6.high quality products and competitive price
7.good reputation and have been exported to many countries


Availability: ON OFFER
Date of Entry: 24-05-2016

Seller Information

Jinan Hontylift Machinery co,.ltd Contact

  • No.7 HUIXIN Road ,Jiyang country,Jinan city,Shandong province ,China

Phone: +8653182637199
Phone (2): +8615054193004
Fax: +8653184210006
Homepage: http://en.hontylift.com/